In the center of the wonderful landscape Kraichgau - township Bretten is placed the natural healer for Osteopathy - the german manual Therapy, Blood examination following Enderlein, and complementary natural medicin.
Easy to find works in Bretten located in the middle between Kraichtal, Bruchsal, Pforzheim the workbechn for Osteopathy which is fully compareable to the german manual therapy for various desease and achiness for the whole body with its organs.
From Achiness via ekcema up to immune defence cases the natural healer (naturopathy) provides an alternative method.


Appreciaation, Acceptance and manual therapy from the roots, increase to your immunce defence and revialisation - are in summary the answer to the medical challenge on the 21. century, with increasing workload, gen manipulated food, heavy desease, chemical pills and never the less increasing life time.

Your date will meet
  • Osteopathy - the german manual Therapy as complete base for pain treatment
  • Spine therapy following Dorn / Dr. Leonhardt
  • Elements of chiropractic
  • Holistic healing for acute cases
  • Homöopathy
  • Blood examination for prevention
  • Isopathy including biological remedy against cronic infections
  • Metabolic regulation - revitalisation after chemical drugs
  • modern cup therapy to increase
  • Detoxination
  • Wound management
  • Holistic Treatment
  • home visits in urgent cases